Glorious elections guarantee legitimacy of system: Iran’s President

Tehran (ISNA) – Referring to the great importance of the presidential election in June 1400, Iran’s president said, “People should come to the ballot box with full freedom and awareness and the yardstick is the people”.

Speaking on Wednesday in the cabinet meeting, President Hassan Rouhani said that the result of this great election should be national unity and cohesion, and added, “Glorious elections in the country guarantee the legitimacy of the system, but we have forgotten this issue and the main goal. All decisions that are made will not have legitimacy if they are not supported by the people”.

The President pointed out, “If, God forbid, the attendance of the people in the elections is low and issues are not clear to the people, what will happen to national interest and cohesion and security of the country?”

Dr. Rouhani added, “God forbid the day that people feel that we do not trust them and want to make decisions without them or for them”.

Dr. Rouhani also said, “We have important presidential elections in June this year, which is a very important issue. In fact, this very important and great election is a symbol of the freedom and awareness of the people, and the result is national unity and security”.

“The election of the president is a very important issue, but above all, it is a glorious election that guarantees the legitimacy of the system, but we seem to have forgotten this,” he continued.

The President called the high turnout in the elections a guarantee of the continuation of the legitimacy of the system and noted, “If we do not have the enthusiastic presence of the people at the ballot box, our decisions have no legal legitimacy and even its religious legitimacy is questionable”.

Dr. Rouhani referred to the advice of the late Imam Khomeini that people’s vote is the yardstick and said, “Imam always recommended that the people are our guardians. It is the people who brought us here. It is the people who sacrificed and gave blood, the people created the 22nd of Bahman, the people overthrew the corrupt regime of the past, the people came to the polls and 98.2% of them voted for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Where did this 98% go, why is this number shrinking day by day?”

The President stated, “We do not care at all who becomes president, whoever the people want and whoever they see fit. It is important for us that everyone feels that it is an election. When everyone goes to the polls, they should feel that it is their vote that chooses someone today, and this is very important”.

Referring to the issue of the eligibility criteria by the Guardian Council, the President said, “This stage is not the responsibility of the government. There is another important body that decides in this regard. Where their decision-making comes from, how decisions are made, and so on, are separate issues and are not the subject of our discussion right now, but when the results of the review were announced, we wanted to see different conditions and that the Guardian Council would give more time for more individuals to be added”.

The President stated, “I had no choice but to send a letter to the Supreme Leader yesterday. What I had in mind was if he could help. The work is done by the Guardian Council. The Supreme Leader was usually less involved in previous rounds. Of course, there were some cases that he added a person or persons, but this is related to the interest that he considers”.

The President continued to consider the realization of the rights of the people by lifting the sanctions as another very important task of the government and noted, “Our negotiators are negotiating very decisively, firmly and carefully in Vienna, and their progress is remarkable. The principles that the Supreme Leader has outlined as general policies are always in the minds of the negotiators in Vienna”.

Dr. Rouhani divided the government’s efforts in the field of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement into three parts of creating, maintaining and reviving the deal and said, “The JCPOA is one of the most important international agreements and a very important framework for cooperation, interaction and security of our country, region and world. I am proud that the Twelfth Government has fulfilled its promise to the people and today everything is ready for an agreement”.

Dr. Rouhani thanked the Minister of Energy for apologizing to the people for the power outages and said, “Our nuclear power plant has entered the circuit and will soon reach its maximum capacity, and the power plants under repair will return to the circuit faster to solve the power outage problem. To help solve this problem, from today until the end of the summer, any activity to mine cryptocurrencies, even by those who have a license, is illegal so that there is no problem in supplying electricity to the people”.

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