Shurmast Lake: The heart of Savadkuh County

Shurmast Lake: The heart of Savadkuh County

زمان انتشار : 1400/09/07 - 03:30

Tehran (ISNA) – With an extent of 15 thousand square meters and a depth of five meters, Shurmast Lake is the only natural lake in Savadkuh County, Mazandaran Province.

Due to being the only natural lake in the county, Shurmast is known as the “heart of Savadkuh” among local people.

The scenery of the lake featuring an alder forest with tall trees has made it the most beautiful place in Savadkuh.

Currently, nature enthusiasts and fishermen are present in the lake.

The current fog over Savadkuh Lake and the presence of colorful leaves on the surface of the water have made the scenery of the lake even more spectacular during autumn.

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