Welcoming tourists with 18 million flower branches

Welcoming tourists with 18 million flower branches

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Tehran (ISNA) – The mayor of Mashhad invites all Persian-speaking tourists of the world who have not yet decided where to go during Nowruz to travel to the city of Mashhad.

In an interview with ISNA, Seyyed Abdullah Arjaei stated, “The determination of a natural event as the origin of history by our predecessors shows their intelligence. This origin does not change and is a reminder of the enduring divine power to rejuvenate and revitalize nature. We are proud to be Iranian and happy to live in a land where our ancestors were so civilized, thoughtful, and tasteful”.

He added, “Mashhad is a holy city and all tourists who travel to Mashhad usually all come to love the pilgrimage of Imam Reza (AS). The Mayor of Mashhad points out that one of the actions of pilgrimage cities is to provide services to foreign pilgrims. There are numerous tourist service offices and good hotels in this city, each of which organizes pilgrimage tours from origin to origin, that is, from their homeland and return to it. The policy of urban management is to facilitate pilgrimage for foreigners”.

“The program of welcoming spring is in the form of creating joyful and happy spaces. In Nowruz, about 18 million flower plants in more than 805 points of the city and 1200 flower arranging elements will make the city atmosphere fragrant. In the field of beautification, 5,000 square meters of murals with cultural and artistic themes have decorated the city. For the first time, we see 16 interactive elements of which people are a part and 13 urban pavilions that tell religious and historical stories to interested people at the city level. In addition, many city bridges were painted in attractive colors.”

“Mashhad Tourism with Double-decker buses are available in the city and people can use these tours,” said Arjaei, adding, “This year, after several years, we do not have a car traffic plan in the central core of the city, and we facilitated the use of the city train to reduce the distance of the city train. 50 buses have been added to the city center for safer and easier transportation. We have emphasized the observance of social distance in buses so that people have better health conditions. I hope we have a colorful spring with the planned arrangements”.

Arjaei said, “We are Imam Reza’s neighbors; when we see tourists from our neighboring countries in Mashhad, we are happy and eager to serve more. Also, we are in good spirits to see the dear Pakistanis who have a great love for the pilgrimage of Imam Reza (AS) and usually travel with difficulty. I invite dear Iraqis; they are usually interested in traveling to Mashhad. I invited other neighbors of the Islamic Republic from Turkey and Azerbaijan to Bahrain and other countries bordering the Persian Gulf to travel to Mashhad during the year, especially during Nowru”z.

He invited tourists from around the world to visit Mashhad and said, “Dear Tajiks and Afghans, we are three nations with the same language, roots and culture as one nation.”

Regarding the features of the trip to Iran, especially the trip to Mashhad, the mayor of Mashhad said, “Due to the best transportation infrastructure and the excellent accommodation, and food infrastructure trip to Mashhad will be a comfortable one.”

Mashhad Airport is one of the best and most beautiful airports in Iran, which is serving foreign pilgrims, travelers and tourists from all over the world around the clock.

The multiplicity of multi-star restaurants and hotels with different income levels in Mashhad and various markets along with recreational places such as water parks, amusement parks, parks, Tavakoli historical house, Daroogheh historical house, Bagh Melli, Tomb of Nader Shah), the Tomb of Ferdowsi and above all, the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) are other features of this city.

Welcoming tourists with 18 million flower branches

Welcoming tourists with 18 million flower branches

Welcoming tourists with 18 million flower branches

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